This is how it happened

Okay........ this is how it happened..... I'll give the conversation but I'll translate it in english cuz some of you wouldn't understand....




"I'm sorry you went through all of this. I was only asking if we could hang out. Would you want that? You might not like it since you and your friends don't trust me.'"

"YOU TORTURED ME AND MADE ME WENT THROUGH ALL OF THIS FOR A DATE?!?!?!?! I know I would say yes. But don't say that we're couples. WE'RE SIBLINGS...... well.... maybe siblings.... you set up that DNA test anyway.... I know we're really related."

"Well.... yes.... I set that up.... But before we're gonna be related, can you please just give me one day to spend with you? I know you like Dann and I accept it. I'll just make this last."

"Sure...... But after this, promise me you'll behave? Act like the old Vanessa.... The girl whom I study with at the library with since Grade 6...."

"*'laughs'* I'll try to get back to that........ I still have that yellow ribbon that I put on my head. Does that count?"

"*sigh* That can work.... I didn't meant the way you dress..... Just the attitude *chuckles*"


We went to Señora Fallsto have a picnic........ Well it turned out to be enjoyable than I expected.... But I feel a bit empty..... like someone or some people I know are missing..... After that we went to Mt. Pulag...... Too bad I didn't bring a camera..... and my phone either.... just my old model... no camera either XD.....

After that.....

We came up with playing Project DIVA..... she made me press the R button and this was captured:

PJD2 0123

hehe! I didn't know that they can't hold hands. It's never meant to be anyway

we were playing "The Farthest Ends (Farewell Song)" in Extreme mode..... but the PV was unlocked... so we played it with Len and Rin as the cast.... although Len didn't sound too well with Miku's voice, It seemed to look pretty good.... then Vanessa saw this seen and captured the snapshot using the R button then POOF! This'll be a good pic to hang up in the wall of our room
PJD2 0020


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