PyGmAlion V03 Platinum

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Radiant Garden (used to)
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is a keyblade wielder (I'm trying to make it a reality)
  • I am the remnant of your heart
  • PyGmAlion V03 Platinum
    1. Me
    2. EumiNazonoKawaii
    3. The Yellow Singer

    • We loved vocaloid for far enough. we took snapshots from their game and we made the our profile pics
    • As a sign of our friendship, we decided to stick with these pics until the ends of ours lives. To know that we still care for each other.
    • If anyone would want to join, it's okay. But take note, you can drop out from our gig if you want

    Name Vocaloid Vocaloid Module Obtained by Difficulty level Picture
    PyGmAlion V03 Platinum Len Kagamine Punkish Module Playing "Migikata no chou" Hard - Extreme

    The Yellow Singer Rin Kagamine Reactor module Playing "Meltdown" Hard

    EumiNazonoKawaii Megurine Luka Normal Provided


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  • PyGmAlion V03 Platinum

    Okay........ this is how it happened..... I'll give the conversation but I'll translate it in english cuz some of you wouldn't understand....




    "I'm sorry you went through all of this. I was only asking if we could hang out. Would you want that? You might not like it since you and your friends don't trust me.'"

    "YOU TORTURED ME AND MADE ME WENT THROUGH ALL OF THIS FOR A DATE?!?!?!?! I know I would say yes. But don't say that we're couples. WE'RE SIBLINGS...... well.... maybe siblings.... you set up that DNA test anyway.... I know we're really related."

    "Well.... yes.... I set that up.... But before we're gonna be related, can you please just give me one day to spend with you? I know you like Dann and I accept it. I'll just make …

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  • PyGmAlion V03 Platinum

    I made a few drawings from the people I can relate to..... sorry if it is ugly.... I'm left handed... does that count?

    It's my first time drawing stuff. I'll continue to develop what I can do right now

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